Kenneth S. Christensen

Mr. Kenneth S. Christensen is a partner in Christensen & Associates, Inc., a Democratic Washington, DC based fundraising and political consulting firm located one block from the United States Capitol. Mr. Christensen's political experience includes consulting international, presidential, gubernatorial, US Senatorial, US Congressional, state and local campaigns.

Mr. Christensen has written articles on fundraising that have appeared in Campaigns & Elections magazine and was featured in an article in the November 2000 Reader's Digest issue. He has been quoted in national publications on his fundraising expertise and given speeches in the US and internationally on political consulting and fundraising. In 2006, Mr. Christensen was named a Mover and Shaker in American Politics by Campaigns & Elections magazine. He has studied languages and politics in Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Paris, France; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Rome, Milan & Florence, Italy.

Mr. Christensen provides general consulting and fundraising strategy advice to campaigns, candidates and political parties. He specializes in campaign plan and strategy development, political communications and message, campaign management, and political fundraising. He has raised money for campaigns from the online community, social groups networking, low dollar donors, wealthy individuals, political action committees, labor unions, trade associations and corporations.

Mr. Christensen is a member of the European Association of Political Consultants and the International Association of Political Consultants.
Ken Christensen Featured in Campaigns & Elections Magazine Movers and Shakers January 2006 Issue
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Mr. Kenneth S. Christensen is available to give speeches on Politics, Campaign Management, Political Strategy, Message, Communication, Media, and Internet & Political Fundraising. Mr. Christensen is available to Political Parties, Labor Unions, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Corporations, Businesses, Law Firms, Associations and Interested Parties for conferences, seminars, meetings and training Nationally and Internationally. Please contact Mr. Christensen by sending an E-mail to following E-mail address: speechesATcaiassociatesDOTcom